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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CPD23 Thing 3 Personal Brand

I have always been a very private person.  I don't have my phone listed in the phone book, I use a junk mail address (that I do monitor) for almost contact that is not directly work related.  Only my closest family and friends have my real email address and phone numbers.

With that in mind I was not at all surprised to find very few hits for me when I googled my name.  I have a very uncommon, old fashion name but still, according to Google, I am mostly dead.  I died in NY, MN, WI, and TX.  I was born anywhere from the late 1700's to the mid-1900's.  Only a few of the results through the end of page three are about me.  And several of those are because I am listed as a surviving relative in someone else's obituary.

The few hits that are actually about me are either those irritating, pay for more info, sites that have purchased information from commercial and financial sites, or are from my library's web site.  Mostly what people can find out about me from Google is a work phone number and email address.  Nothing bad, but nothing good either.

I like it that way from a personal standpoint.  From a professional standpoint I know I should put myself out there more.  Maybe this program will help pull me out of my shell.  We'll see.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thing 2 - CPD23

Wow, there are a lot of great bloggers participating in CPD23.  It always surprises me how each of us has our own vision of libraryland, depending on our interests and talents.  If folks in the "outside" world read the blogs  registered for this program they would realize librarian's do more than answer questions and check out/re-shelve books.  Of course most library patrons only see the para-professionals and occasionally a librarian at the information desk.

Sorry, I got distracted there for a moment.  Back to the CPD23 blogs.  I am behind schedule and I saw many other blogs that hadn't commented past Thing 1 to Thing 2 (not to mention the "Cat in the Hat") but most of the blogs I looked at were going great guns.  I am trying to get caught up today.  I spent some time making changes to the layout for my blog, adding and rearranging widgets.  I need to quit fiddling with the technology and work on the being social part.   More coming soon....

Monday, June 20, 2011

Looking Forward to cpd23 Things

I originally created this blog for the North Texas 23 Things. Unfortunately, I got caught up in work and never finished that program. I have proposed a medical library focused 23 Things for work and thought I would join this 23 Things for Professional Development program to remind me what the participant side feels like. I believe this experience will help me when I develop the course for work.

I am looking forward not only to going through the program but also to connecting with new people and seeing what cool things they are doing.

**This post was updated on Aug. 24 to add the link to the CPD23 site.

Monday, February 21, 2011

My O'Rielly Media Wish List

Here is my O'Reilly books wishlist.

I prefer the ebook version when available.

Adler, J. (2009). R in a nutshell. Sebastobol, CA: O'Reilly

Berry, A., & Byron, A. (2011). Using Drupal, 2nd ed. Sebastobol, CA: O'Reilly

Cutroni, J. (2010). Google Analytics. Sebastobol, CA: O'Reilly

Fry, B. (2007). Visualizing Data. Sebastobol, CA: O'Reilly

Fulton, S., & Fulton, J. (2011). HTML5 Canvas. Sebastobol, CA: O'Reilly

Janert, P. K. (2010). Data analysis with open source tools. Sebastobol, CA: O'Reilly

Leipzig, J., & Li, X. Y. (2011). Data mashups with R. Sebastobol, CA: O'Reilly

McClelland, D. (2010). Adobe Illustrator CS5: one on one. Sebastobol, CA: O'Reilly

McClelland, D. (2010). Adobe Photoshop CS5: one on one. Sebastobol, CA: O'Reilly

Shore, J., & Chromatic. (2007). The art of agile development. Sebastobol, CA: O'Reilly

Steele, J., & Iliinsky, N. (2010). Beautiful visualization. Sebastobol, CA: O'Reilly

Weyl, E., Lazaris, L., & Gube, J. (2011). HTML5 & CSS3 in the real world. Sebastobol, CA: O'Reilly

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Did I Mention Gaming

Did I forget to mention the Gaming in the Library program? Electronic, board, and card games can be checked out when it is time to let all that new information settle into the memory banks.

See more here:

Wonder Why the NCSU Libraries Seem So Busy?

Here are some interesting numbers showing the increased use of the library since the new Learning Commons were opened in 2007.

Wonder Why the Libraries Seem So Busy?

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More User-Centered Features Added

Since the East wing of the D. H .Hill Library at NCSU was renovated in 2007 additional changes have been made to improve services for users.

A set of applications, called MobLIB, for mobile devices was released in November 2007.

"MobiLIB currently consists of seven services. ?Catalog Search? offers a simplified search interface for the library catalog that allows users to limit their searches to available items. ?Computers? shows the location and count of available computers in the D. H. Hill Library, while ?Library Hours? lists operating hours for all NCSU libraries and core services. Users can search the ?Campus Directory? to find contact information for NCSU staff and students, and ?Contact Us? allows them to access various library departments and services. ?Links? contains a selection of links to external content providers, such as mobile search engines, and ?Wolfline Status? links to a text-only version of the Wolfline map that shows the current position of all Wolfline buses. New services are planned for the future." (, Nov 08, 2007 posting)

An update to MobiLIB provides improved mobile access to library information. Forgot the call number or wrote it down wrong? Need to see a map of the library? No problem if you have a Web enabled mobile device. The application detects the device being used and serves up the information in an appropriate format.

Another library application was released, this one to help users find study groups. A special kiosk was setup for the application but it is also available via the Library's electronic bulletin board and via the Web. A study group leader can post the group name and location. Group members no longer have to wonder the library to find their group.
All required texts for classes at NCSU are available via a reserves program. An Ice Cream shop was opened next door in the west wing of the library. Students needing a break can pop over to the Creamery and have a cone in the ConeZone. Since the Learning Commons upgrade, the traffic at the library has increased considerably. Starting in Spring 2009 the Friends of the Library has hosted a study break serving coffee and snacks to students still at the library at 1am during finals week.